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Kitchen Redo

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    My sweet hubs added crown molding and beadboard to my outdated 1980's oak cabinets. He then painted them a creamy cottage white. I love the brushed silver pulls he put on the doors and drawers.

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May 19, 2007


Niesz Vintage Home

Oh My! I WANT that kitchen!

I Love everything about it.
The soft yellow walls, the red accents, vintage stove, and the cottage white cabinets.

You and your husband deserve a prize.
What a fabulous job.

Kimberly :)


Thank you Kim! I LOVE my kitchen! My collections have been a work in progress for 30 years. I started to seriously collect red things - and my china about 15 years ago. I picked things up at yard sales and thrift stores. My inspiration was remembering my grama's kitchen. She had shiny BRIGHT RED CEILINGS! My dream kitchen surely didn't happen overnight! When I saw the Martha Stewart Cabinet at Homegoods - even my husband agreed... it was perfect for our kitchen and my dishes. The eat-in area is tiny - so we can't fit bar stools under the counter, LOL - but for two people - we love it. When the grandchildren come over - we just squeeeeeze! Now, I am considering painting my table and chairs red.... or white... or vintage green and yellow... maybe a touch of pink... uh-oh! I have too many ideas!

Ancient One

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Your name has been entered with the others for the stained glass piece. Good Luck!!
I love your white cabinets. I finally got mine painted white, but the man who did them took no pains and didn't do them right... but I still like them white... I said long before it has become fashionable that if I had my way every stick of furniture in my house would be painted white so it would blend in with my white walls... of couse my husband had a say in that and that will never happen... so I just look at my Cottage Living magazines and dream..LOL


I love your kitchen re-do! We redid our kitchen almost 2 years ago and it's one room that can make all the difference in a house. Yours is beautiful.
I also have you entered in my Cottage Charm Give Away!


Oh I just love your kitchen so crip and clean. I re-modeled my kitchen 3 years ago and stained the cabinets. I really hadn't thought about painted one's at the time. Now I am thinking about taking the doors all down, painting them a bright cream almost white and glazing them. The more kitchens I see painted, the more I'm tempted to do them. I'll have to look down and see if you painted yours. I wanted to thank you for stopping by Trinkets and Treasures. You need to win my drawing, the red watermelon jar would be too cute in your new kitchen. LOL.


You have an adorable blog and home! Love it, I spent a while looking at all the pictures!

One Womans Cottage Life

Wow, wow, wow! What an amazing makeover! Your kitchen is fabulous and the red accents look great! You guys should give yourselves a big pat on the back for a job well done - YAY! Oh, do you happen to have a "before" photo of your kitchen?


What a wonderful, talented husband you have! I can see that a lot of hard work went into your beautiful kitchen. It's so bright and happy! I just love red, it's my favorite color!


Wow! I love your kitchen it is a dream! And now for a little wow,Isn’t that weird: I purchased that other bluebird diner painting from you on ebay a few
years ago I just love it!! It hangs over my 2 year olds crib! What a small world! I adore your kitchen!!!!! And I am a red-afreak-asaurus,so really love all of your red accents!
I will check back soon, your blog is beautiful!


As far as the stainless appliances go, we just put in all new stainless. They look great, but the bad news is that every fingerprint shows and they are hard to clean without leaving streaks. On the other hand if you go with white appliances-it might be TOO much white in your kitchen!


I just stumbled across your site while searching for Mary Engelbreit fabric. You've done some spectacular things in your kitchen.The Bluebird sign over your stove is so cute.
I have the same cabinet pulls sitting in a drawer for around five years. I wanted to paint my cabinets white, but haven't convinced my wood loving hubby that is THE way to go.
You must have had fun finding all the vintage items. I've seen so many of them in antique stores.
You're really a talented duo!
P.S. LOVE the pink couch!


I ADORE your kitchen, that stove is to die for! thanks so much for stopping by too and for your sweet words!! I cant wait to see your next post, your home is right up my alley, I love the colors and mixes !! ~ Cynthia ~


Love your kitchen! I like white appliances as I think they never go out of style, plus as Carol mentioned - the fingerprints. Seems like all I do is wipe, wipe, wipe!

Kitchen Colours

Thanks for an informative post. I have to bookmark this as I'm doing a kitchen renovation of my own at the moment.

Seattle Bathroom Remodel

Oh my.. it looks so cute.

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Chase Conely

It is so beautiful! I love the color scheme. You basically incorporated the shade of white in your kitchen without making it look plain and boring. In fact, those white painted cabinets and countertops even add brightness to the area. Good job! =)

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