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Kitchen Redo

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    My sweet hubs added crown molding and beadboard to my outdated 1980's oak cabinets. He then painted them a creamy cottage white. I love the brushed silver pulls he put on the doors and drawers.

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January 08, 2013



Love your sweet Valentine scrapbook!! I love that you have saved these from your childhood. The best kind of treasure to have!! Have a lovely day!! xo Heather


hi Patti,
I don't know if it will work for you, but there is a product call Un-do and it is sold in the scrapbook section of AcMoore, and it is safe to use on photos and stuff like that. It loosens the pictures so you can take them out. I have used it on all photo albums from the 70s and 80s and also when I put a sticker in the wrong place. It takes the stickers up and they are still sticky. It might work. It has a little scrapper thing and the product flows down the scrapper onto whatever it is you want to remove.

You found an amazing treasure there!
Thanks again for letting me join you in this swap.
Lynn and the Wienee Ranch gang

Kim K.

How neat that you saved your scrapbook. Your collection of Valentines is just amazing. So many lovely graphics. Can't wait to start Valentine crafting! Saturday can't come fast enough. This work week is taking FOREVER! Hugs.

chris mckinely

What a treasure! My mom saved just about every piece of paper she ever owned!! As my family moved her into our home I stopped counting how many boxes we moved into our garage. I continue to find special things she thought important enough to save....and I love it!! Looking forward to swapping with you!!



I know what you mean! Hurry up Saturday!

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Hi Patti, I know now that we went to school at the same time as I have nearly every one of these Valentines myself! They are absolutely my favorite of all the school Valentines. They always have a big red heart in the background. Your scrapbook is so special, thank you for sharing it with us!

Patti, may I just swap one/one with you as I have a dozen paper clay ornaments to make five felt hearts to make for Debby, Cozy Blanket?

This will be such fun! Thank you for hosting. Elizabeth


Wow! I love that you saved your Valentines cards! I wish I saved mine....My Grandmother use to save old cards and images and put them in a scrapbook and make up little stories and then she would donate them to the childrens home. Scrapbooks always remind me of her :)


Oh how wonderful that you have these! I loved seeing all of these vintage cards. I love your blog, and I would leave a comment on every post on your blog if I didn't have to do that capti thingy each time. laurie


WOW! You are a lucky girl to have all those Valentines.

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