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Kitchen Redo

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    My sweet hubs added crown molding and beadboard to my outdated 1980's oak cabinets. He then painted them a creamy cottage white. I love the brushed silver pulls he put on the doors and drawers.

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February 01, 2013


Kim Kenward

Your grandmother sounds like a special lady. What beautiful memories. Your ruffled tote is precious. A beautiful transformation.

Patti M

What a lovely story. Your grandmother sounds like a lovely woman. I understand how special that little sewing box is to you. My grandmothers died when I was 1 & 2 yrs old, so I never knew them. I have two vases that belonged to my maternal grandmother, I treasure them as a link to her. She didn't like her picture to be taken so there are few photos for me to know what she looked like. ,,,,,The purse as well as the decoration on the hanger is too cute! I love the paper on the doors you have it hanging on. I am going to do that to the doors on the armoire in my craft room. Did you modge podge them on? How did you get it to stick? Have a lovely weekend....Patti :)


Your grandmother sounds very sweet Patti. I was also very close to my grandmother...she taught me how to crochet, she always had something fun for us to all do! She almost always wore her string of pearls ....and always a brooch. I also miss her dearly. I am lucky enough to have photos and good memories of both of my grandmothers :) I was truly blessed.


Sweet memories of your beautiful and precious grandmother!! Love your new creation!! Happy weekend!! xo Heather


That is just super cute! Adoreable! I love the story of your sweet Grandmother!
Have a wonderful weekend.


what a sweet tote! I was very lucky to have 5 grandmas growiing up. I had two sets of great grandparents on my mothers side and a great grandmother on my dads side and I have fond memories of all of them. but we werent as close as I want to be with my grandbabies. so, I'm working on that! lol
have a great sunday Patti!


Oh, this is a darling little tote! Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Ric Rac and Polka Dots

That is the cutest little tote ever! Perfect to carry around crochet. I am always lugging my crochet to the nursing home in a little plastic bag from the supermarket. Thanks so much for visiting and leaving the nice comment. I really appreciate it. Carbs are my downfall. I could live without meat, fruit, veggies, and even deserts, and just live on bread, bagels, pasta, etc. Probably why I am having a hard time! I am so excited to find out about "Livin' La Vida Low Carb". I have no idea what it is but I will look right now! Sounds like fun!!


Patti, I love stories that paint a picture, and this one truly does! I think I first thought I would love to sew because my grandmother made quilts. She worked 40 years in the Coats & Clark thread factory in NC. I have the very same pink box with kittens! It is by my side with each character I make. What lovely memories you have stirred in my this evening. Your tote is just such a clever idea! Love it! Elizabeth

Denise Marie

What a sweet re-purposed purse!!


That is so cute, and I loved the story about your grandmother. She sounds like such a special person. laurie

shirley hatfield

I am so glad you commented on Zetta's today...I have seen your comments on many of my favorite I have added you to my blog list! We share our love of our wonderful grandmothers and I know I will enjoy reading more of your posts.


What wonderful memories of your Grandma. I love how you transformed that little dress into such a cute bag. You did inherit the sewing gene!


Hi Patti!
What a darling crochet tote. You are so clever and resourceful. I am such a buff for story telling that I loved what you shared about your Grandma. You clearly loved her very much. I remember my Gramma's hands, too. She would sit in church and hold my Grampa's weathered hand and stroke his thumb. I was always so blessed by her loving gesture. It made me feel safe and secure knowing that they were still in love at 80.
Thank you for another precious post, patti!
Carolynn xoxo
I'm playing a bit of catch up today and loving it!

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